Terms & Conditions

  1. By placing a booking at Ruby Transfers by phone, email or online, the client is presumed to have agreed to these terms and conditions.
  2. We cannot accept responsibility from booking errors like, wrong flight date, time, pickup/dropoff address or location. You are obliged to supply with all the necessary information. If there will be any changes in previously provided transfer details, it will be your responsibility to contact us and request modifications. All notifications we send require an acknowledgment of receipt: you should check the voucher and inform us in case of any inconsistencies as soon as you receive it.
  3. If you’re travelling to a private destination, please provide it to us before your arrival. We cannot be responsible to not find your private address destination.
  4. The company shall not be liable for any errors or omissions that may happen, if you ignore being acknowledged with it.
  5. If you travel with kids, be sure that you ask free seat when booking. We reserve the right to decline to transport your party due to health and safety specifications should you not advise you require booster or baby seats prior to travelling.
  6. Cancellations are permited at any time by email or phone. Until 18 hours prior your transfer you must cancel by phone.
  7. Modifications to booking must be made 24hrs prior to your arrival.
  8. We will carry 1 suitcase and 1 hand luggage per client. Any extra baggage(eg. golf clubs, surfboards, bicycles) must be disclosed on booking. We cannot be responsible to carry any extra luggage not declared. Extra charges may be applicable if a bigger vehicle is required. Luggage which in the opinion of the chauffeur amounts to an excessive weight or size will not be carried.
  9. Ruby Tranfers cannot be held responsible for any delays caused by traffic congestion, weather conditions, road works or incidents on roads or vehicle mechanical failure.
  10. Unless otherwise instructed by the customer, the chauffeur will travel by the route considered most appropriate on the day.
  11. All vehicles are fully insured, as required by Portuguese law. Whilst every care is taken, customer’s property is carried entirely at their own risk and no responsibility can be accepted for loss or damage. Customers are therefore advised to check their own travel insurance.
  12. The company reserves the right (and delegates to its chauffeurs the right) to refuse to carry any person who is thought to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and/or whose behaviour is considered to pose a threat to the chauffeur, the vehicle or the passenger/s.
  13. Smoking is not permited in our vehicles. Consumption of food and beverages is also not permitted with the exception of water.
  14. Customers will be held responsible for any damage to vehicles, fittings or equipment, through negligence, misconduct or any default of the customer or passenger/s carried therein.
  15. Additional charges apply for extra services. Extras include extra waiting time, additional parking fees or additional stops. Tariffs are available on request.
  16. A 15 minute grace period is allowed on pickups other than airports, waiting time after this time is calculated retrospectively to the original pickup time at the applicable waiting time tariff. A 60 minute grace period is allowed at airports as part of the meet and greet service. Waiting time and additional car parking costs can be charged after this time at the applicable rate.
  17. The company reserves the right to use an approved affiliate supplier to fulfil any booking should we deem it necessary.
  18. Payments (made in cash) to the driver on arrival at destination. If your transfer is return, please pay the total balance on arrival at the destination.
  19. In case of force overbooking or majeure situations, Ruby Transfers reserves the right to cancel the transfer or make changes to the transfer/travel arrangements.
  20. In the voucher, you will find the Company hotline number: we strongly advise to call our hotline in case of any delays or cancellations and we will advise you on further procedure with the booking.
  21. It is your responsibility to call the Ruby Transfers if you are not able to locate the driver at earlier agreed pickup place, or if you are delayed in immigration, customs, lost luggage or baggage collection


Privacy Policy

  1. When you make a booking you agree to the following Privacy Policy
  2. When you access our websites you do so in an anonymous manner and are not registered for any online service.
  3. The internet user accessing the rubytransfers.com website does so anonymously and is not registered by us for any online service. The user remains anonymous throughout his search through all information on the Website, and at no point are his personal details registered for any online service.
  4. We do, use user identifiers (cookies) on our websites to collect information on the website use, such as the server to which the user’s computer is connected, the browser type (e.g. Firefox or Internet Explorer) and how the potential customer became aware of our website. We use such information solely to assist us in improving our marketing policies, and the personal details of the Internet user are not included in the data capture.
  5. At rubytransfers.com we collect some personal information such as the name, email address, or mobile number of the person making the booking and the people using our transfer services
  6. By our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy you tacitly authorise us to use your personal information to carry out the requested service.
  7. The details that we request are necessary for us to be able to provide the requested transfers. We may need to contact you regarding your transfer, send your booking confirmation, reminders, send you a payment confirmation email and booking voucher.
  8. We may also need to request more information about your travel plans in order to ensure a smooth service, send you updates with instructions about where to meet your driver, inform you about any necessary changes (particularly in the event of modifications to the service you booked with us), or share helpful information with you during your trip.
  9. Your flight or train and accommodation address are also necessary details we need from you in order to be able to carry out your transfer service. We also need to know the exact address for your pickup and dropoff.
  10. In regards to payments, your card details are entered into a highly secure payments page and we never see or store them.
  11. In some situation, due to the high demand of transfers in order to process and perform your booking we may share your information with other involved third party. We will provide only the necessary information to ensure the successful fulfilment of your transfer service.
  12. In response to a potential request for a transfer quote, we may ask you to provide personal details, including email address. We may also use such details to contact you with offers which may be of interest.
  13. Once a visitor of our website becomes a customer, we may use the details provided during the booking process to offer appropriate future promotions and offers.
  14. By our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy you tacitly authorise us to send you the booking confirmation voucher, booking reminders, and very occasionally emails. We don’t send annoying marketing emails like promotions or special deals.
  15. The details provided aid us in targeting further services of possible interest to you. Such offers would be sent to your email address and may be based on the information provided to us in the initial operation.
  16. You will be asked for your consent before we use your personal details for marketing purposes, for example to send you information and/or offers for products, services, discounts or promotions that we think may be of interest to you.
  17. These email offers come directly from us and are sent in a format which is compatible to the information recovered from the customer’s email address (HTML, enriched graphics etc.).
  18. Your personal information may also be used for the general purpose of measuring consumer response to and satisfaction with the services offered, therefore we sometimes send satisfaction surveys in order to obtain feedback about our website and services. We don’t share your comments or any personal data entered in the surveys with anyone, if we don’t have specific authorisation from you.
  19. We keep a record of your booking history in order to provide you with better customer support.
  20. The personal details captured are stored in automated files safeguarded by us. These records are declared to the Portuguese Data Protection Office
  21. All information will be stored in our database but at any point you can request to unsubscribe from our emails by contacting us at book@rubytransfers.com Unsubscription would exclude any communications related to transfer services should be necessary for the delivery of the transfer service.
  22. You may at any time exercise the rights of access, opposition, rectification or cancellation recognized in the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of the 27th of April of 2016, relating to the protection of people in regards to the processing of personal data and its free circulation.
  23. If you believe that the information held by us is in any way incorrect or incomplete, or you want us to delete your personal data, you should send a request by email to book@rubytransfers.com.


Cookie Policy

  1. Our company reports the use of cookies on its website: www.rubytransfers.com
  2. Cookies are files that may be downloaded to your device through web pages. They are essential tools to provide various information society services. This includes allowing a website to store and recover information on a user’s or device’s browsing habits and, depending on the information obtained, using this information to recognise the user and improve the service offered
  3. We do, use cookies (user identifiers) on our websites to collect information on the website use. The information, such as the server to which the computer is connected for example, the browser type (e.g. Firefox or Internet Explorer) and whether you responded to an advertisement or e-mail from us is subject to gathering and tracking in a global manner. This information is used to measure response time to advertisements, e-mail offers and marketing policies. The personal details of the Internet user are not included in the data capture.

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